About Emily

Emily and the miracle of music

Emily Yurcheshen is a Santa Barbara, CA based vibrational coach. She combines her 15 years of music teaching with her psycho/spiritual healing work to empower and inspire budding musicians and artists to express their authentic essence, which she calls “Your Song”.

Emily travels through the community and world in search of deep truths, rich stories that she weave into pretty melodies and powerful messages that open others to discover the songs that hide deep in their hearts. She has taught both internationally and locally creativity and songwriting workshops, guitar, piano and voice.

Emily always loved to sing and dance with her father growing up, but she never imagined she would be a musician until 17 years ago when she was guided on a healing journey around the world. She trekked the hills of Nepal, watched a cremation ceremony on the Ganges River in India and was hired for a two-year teaching contract in an American International School in Portugal.  It was there that she moved into the room where the previous renter was known as a sound healer.

This woman composed hundreds of songs, spoke in tongues and created energy in the space that inspired Emily to begin composing songs of her own. When she moved overseas, she took her beautiful Martin guitar out of the dusty closet and began to learn how to play.

The music began pouring out of her and song after song emerged that put her more in touch with the creative pulse of life.  In addition to teaching junior high and high school students, she offered her first creativity workshop to her colleagues at the Portugal School. It was a hit! Upon returning to the States, she taught a series of workshops on creativity as well as beginning to teach music at Matt’s Music School and Stage in Templeton and Instrumental Music in SB.



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