An Odyssey of Song

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Learn to Play and Write Music

Learn to play and write music with An Odyssey of Song.  It is an interactive creativity workbook that takes you on a musical adventure through sound, songwriting, story, and character play to discover your essence or what I call your song.

Learn to play and write music with An Odyssey of Song; Musical Journey into Your Creative Heart

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An Odyssey of Song will teach how to love and honor your authentic voice and break through your insecurities and stage fright to face your inner critic and perfectionist.  By the end of this learn-by-doing songwriting book journey, you will move into musical success according to your own goals and desires. Once you make this investment in yourself, this emotional and spiritual program will give you the tools and confidence you need to express your creativity in new and exciting ways!

“An Odyssey of Song is a life changing experience and ongoing exciting journey. You’ll find yourself not only writing songs but creating a new way of conscious living. This work will be the best money, time and investment in your life. You’ll learn how to really take care of what’s most important (YOU) and have fun doing it. I’m so grateful that Emily Yurcheshen has come in my life and taught me this wonderful work.”
-Lulu Orozco, musician and music teacher, Paso Robles, CA

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Emily can facilitate your personal Odyssey journey.
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About the Author and Facilitator

Emily Yurcheshen is a singer/songwriter, music teacher, travel writer and director of Peaceworks Communications, an organization that promotes personal and planetary peace through music, creativity and compassionate communication.

As a child, Emily loved to sing and dance with her father but never imagined she would be a musician and published author. Emily’s travels took her on a healing world odyssey that taught her how to hear the songs and stories in her heart. Upon returning from this magical journey, she began teaching others to find their music within.

With a progressive educational background, Emily combines her passion for music to create perform and inspire others to discover their own music. She teaches singing, songwriting, guitar, piano and ukulele as well as providing musical service through Taize, an international prayer and peace program and with Alzheimer patients. She also performs and teaches workshops on creativity and songwriting worldwide spreading her songs and messages of peace, joy and love!

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