Finance Guru

Steps to Finding Your Inner Finance Guru

Step 1: Write down 1-3 financial wishes that you have for your Inner Finance Guru.

1.To become more aware of my energetic patterns with money and how my emotions affect my financial choices.
2.To learn simple everyday things I can do to become more organized with my finances.
3. To assess my financial health and begin to set up or rearrange my retirement accounts.




Our spending or saving patterns may be rooted in our parents relationship with money. How did they spend or save their money? Take a moment to reflect on your childhood.

Step 2: Think of messages taught to you by your father and mother. What did they model to you about money?

You’ve got to be a slave to your work in order to survive but then you can rebel and spend way outside your means. (Spender)

You need to be frugal and resourceful. It’s important to budget and stay within your means. (Penny Pincher)

My father modeled this about money…..

My mother modeled this about money…..

Step 3: Penny Pincher vs. Spender -What are triggers to lead to excessive spending or more penny pinching? Where do you fall on the continuum?

Penny Pincher Spender

Step 4: Give your Inner Finance Guru a name and three characteristics about this new and emerging part of you.

Mine is called Molly the Money Maker. She is financially savvy and organized. She is authentically generous, always remembers everyone’s birthday and gives them a thoughtful gift and she makes plenty of money to travel the world spreading her message of peace, love and joy.

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