Lessons and Coaching

Odyssey of Song Packages

Odyssey of Song sessions focus on your needs, be them musical lessons (guitar, piano, voice, ukulele, song writing, etc.), creativity coaching, or learning practices which unlock and enable one to express their authentic creativity.

If you purchase a fully or partially facilitated Odyssey of Song package you will receive a bonus introductory half-hour session to assess your musical and creative needs, interests, and dreams. The introductory session will help us develop a plan for your to meet your personal goals.

Each facilitated Odyssey of Song session lasts 60 minutes.

Pricing for Odyssey of Song Packages

  • Full Facilitation (12 one-hour coaching sessions) —$840
  • Partial Facilitation:
    • 6 one-hour coaching sessions— $480
  • Monthly Option: 4 one-hour sessions in a given month— $350
  • Individual Sessions—$100/hour
    • Individual sessions are done on an as-needed basis and are tailored to your needs.

Music Lessons and Coaching

I offer music lessons and coaching sessions in person for those in the Santa Barbara, CA or San Luis Obispo, CA areas and via Skype or FaceTime for those in other localities (world-wide).

I offer one-on-one and family/group music lessons and coaching for:

  • vocal and performance coaching;
  • singing, sound healing and toning, opening the voice;
  • guitar;
  • piano;
  • ukulele;
  • and songwriting.

Pricing for Music Lessons and Coaching

  • Please contact me to inquire about pricing for music lessons.
  • Monthly/recurring lessons are available at a discount. Please contact me to inquire about a bulk-lesson discount and learn more.
  • Single coaching sessions are $100/hour.
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